Sunday, July 16, 2006 carr are rip offs!!! is a rip off! (gary evans jim evans = same guy)

i contacted motorcowboy for a destroyer armour costume. he sent me to contact a person in kentucky named barry carr. so, in short gary evans does not feel responsible for sending me to mr. carr who has ripped me off for $2,500.00 dollars in vintage kiss collectables. gary evans has used ebay pages to pull this same scam. barry carr is known in the kiss collectables trading circles as a psycho-wack job who belittles, threatens and harasses people into deals where he eventually rips them off. postal authorities have complaints dating back to 1997 @ the chicago postal authorities.

anyway, for the past 4 months mr. carr was supposed to send me a gene 'destroyer' armour. pictured on his blog page as well as the website ( and ebay pages under the names (brogary, apologetix2000, kissfan_1_1976 etc.) and other blog pages.

and; (scary thought to know these rip offs are running such a site) are gary/jim evans...

when you go to view the pages you'll see a very impressive display of un-authorized kiss costumes and mannequins in full replica costumes... but that is the trick they employ to get kiss tribute bands and fans alike to send them business. this is called 'bait and switch'. when you finally get the finished product it is NOT what was pictured and not what you ordered.

the items i got from them were the worst example i've ever seen. barry carr is a hack. the items i returned. mr. carr claims he did not get the arms for the costume and that it was broken... a total lie, as the items were sent from postal authorities in pasadena california... certified.

mr. carr has threatened to do bodily harm to me on several occasions. he has filled my phone message system with his delusional rantings and madness. i have filed charges with hollywood police for his threats, as well as the postal authorities and the computer crime center in association with the fbi.

i have all e-mails, certified mailing receipts and all items i've sent were insured.

i sent;

4 kiss pencils (sealed)
6 1978 mego dolls,
4 1978 signature stick pins,
8 paul ink pens (sealed)
all above insured for $2,000.00
4 solo aucoin kiss key chains (mint) insured for $500.00

for the armour (armor) pictured on the barry carr blog pages and the pages as well as the ebay pages they are using to rip people off with.

some of my items have been put up on ebay the same week mr. carr received them and ebay has refused to remove the stolen items form thier website. ebay has harassed my e-mail with responses from 20 diferent employees about this issue instead of removing the illegal stolen items.

in short ebay,, gary/jim evans and barry carr of kentucky are a web of theives who are using the internet as a way to scam fans of kiss, batman, starwars and other movie icons by using this tactic to steal from customers. claims to sell boots... boots they claim come from thailand... another way to skirt the law since u.s. authorities have no legal action overseas. but, gary lives in oak harbor wa. and barry carr is in kentucky.

if you've had dealings with any of this contact me;

thank you.

more to follow...