Sunday, July 16, 2006 carr are rip offs!!! is a rip off! (gary evans jim evans = same guy)

i contacted motorcowboy for a destroyer armour costume. he sent me to contact a person in kentucky named barry carr. so, in short gary evans does not feel responsible for sending me to mr. carr who has ripped me off for $2,500.00 dollars in vintage kiss collectables. gary evans has used ebay pages to pull this same scam. barry carr is known in the kiss collectables trading circles as a psycho-wack job who belittles, threatens and harasses people into deals where he eventually rips them off. postal authorities have complaints dating back to 1997 @ the chicago postal authorities.

anyway, for the past 4 months mr. carr was supposed to send me a gene 'destroyer' armour. pictured on his blog page as well as the website ( and ebay pages under the names (brogary, apologetix2000, kissfan_1_1976 etc.) and other blog pages.

and; (scary thought to know these rip offs are running such a site) are gary/jim evans...

when you go to view the pages you'll see a very impressive display of un-authorized kiss costumes and mannequins in full replica costumes... but that is the trick they employ to get kiss tribute bands and fans alike to send them business. this is called 'bait and switch'. when you finally get the finished product it is NOT what was pictured and not what you ordered.

the items i got from them were the worst example i've ever seen. barry carr is a hack. the items i returned. mr. carr claims he did not get the arms for the costume and that it was broken... a total lie, as the items were sent from postal authorities in pasadena california... certified.

mr. carr has threatened to do bodily harm to me on several occasions. he has filled my phone message system with his delusional rantings and madness. i have filed charges with hollywood police for his threats, as well as the postal authorities and the computer crime center in association with the fbi.

i have all e-mails, certified mailing receipts and all items i've sent were insured.

i sent;

4 kiss pencils (sealed)
6 1978 mego dolls,
4 1978 signature stick pins,
8 paul ink pens (sealed)
all above insured for $2,000.00
4 solo aucoin kiss key chains (mint) insured for $500.00

for the armour (armor) pictured on the barry carr blog pages and the pages as well as the ebay pages they are using to rip people off with.

some of my items have been put up on ebay the same week mr. carr received them and ebay has refused to remove the stolen items form thier website. ebay has harassed my e-mail with responses from 20 diferent employees about this issue instead of removing the illegal stolen items.

in short ebay,, gary/jim evans and barry carr of kentucky are a web of theives who are using the internet as a way to scam fans of kiss, batman, starwars and other movie icons by using this tactic to steal from customers. claims to sell boots... boots they claim come from thailand... another way to skirt the law since u.s. authorities have no legal action overseas. but, gary lives in oak harbor wa. and barry carr is in kentucky.

if you've had dealings with any of this contact me;

thank you.

more to follow...


Blogger edward przydzial said...

Posted: 21.07.2006, 05:37 Post subject: ...since my last post was removed...

Extra Information: ...i will repeat it again...
now the facts are these. does not make the boots pictured. they order them.
if you go where 'strippers' buy the shoes they wear onstage you'll find the same stacked heels and platforms... so barry carr get's a set and paints them up and takes a few pictures... 'bait and switch'. i am in touch with the boot company that sells these boots to stores where 'dancers' go to buy high heels and platform boots... there are several on hollywood blvd here in hollywood. are full of b.s. and so is barry carr.

barry carr has others making his costumes he has photographed and used on his blog. he orders the Destroyer armor from another company
and they build and paint it. he pays around $1,700.00 for each one.

the mannequins he claims he made he maybe painted the faces but the costumes were made by others. the mannequins also, if you look close do not look anything like the members of kiss... they are female in facial structure then he takes photos and uses them to trick fans into sending valuable kiss collectables or money. these costumes and mannequins are un-authorized and illegal bootleg replicas and he nor motorcowboy have permission or authorization to sell these items... and they never will. both Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons as well as bill randolph (kiss attorney) have said in no way is the story true. they are never going to authorize these in the future. that is another lie posted by gary evans or barry carr.
kiss want's NOTHING to do with barry carr, fact.

do not think the photo of gene and barry carr is proof they have authorization because the facts are that photo was taken against gene's wishes and barry carr knows it. it's a scam and a set up. gene in no way endorses mr. carr to rip off his costumes and make them available to the public.

these guys are rip off artists. when motorcowboy gets boots they ORDER them and if they get the wrong size YOU get the wrong size, if at all. they do not as they claim "make them to your size". then they walk into the nearest harley davidson store and pick up a pair of boots and take a few photos... then post them on the website. refuses to give refunds or replace wrong size and/or styled product. the guy running it calls himself gary evans or is it jim evans? same person and they run several blog pages as well as other websites like

so in closing i will not be responding to this subject or these replies anymore since my last post containing these facts was removed (edited) off this website page. i will be copying this as proof i've posted it here. for the final and last time.

so instead of replying you should be doing your part to stop barry carr and from stealing from kiss fans and others of batman and starwars and motorcycle riders being ripped off by these rip off artists. period.


Posted: 19.07.2006, 22:13 Post subject: ebay is crap. customer service is crap.

they violate their own terms of service.
Demon77 wrote (View Post):
I gotta throw my two cents in. I have been an eBay member since July 3, 1998. I can count on one hand the band experiences with sellers. I was hacked once on my account and eBay caught it before me and handled it immeadiately and effectively.

I love eBay and will continue to use them. Has there been problems, sure, mostly from people selling fraudulent items. eBay can not possibly sort out everything and know what is fake and what is not.

I will continue to use eBay to buy and sell.

ebay has been in contact with me on this entire situation. stop lying to
the public ebay skirts the issue. they do nothing but send out 'generic'
e-mails. period. they do nothing.

facts are this postal authorities cover items sent through the usps.

the computer crimes division is partnered by the fbi and they cover internet scams and bootleg/stolen goods.

ebay has been aware of my situation with barry carr as all messages are
cc to

i know what i'm talking about. i do not make false claims. that would leave me in the wrong and ready to be sued. my claims are real and true and ebay is crap. they do nothing but give you the run-around. period.

you guys need to stop ganging up on me and make ebay do the things they claim on their tos. not grouping up on me.

i am nice when i'm not ripped off.

have a nice day.

Kiss777 wrote (View Post):
Sorry but you are wrong, it is a myth that some people like to keep going that if you are a big seller you can pay ebay to romove bad feedback that is total bull crap, ebay only removes feedback in very rare cases and not for money.
Sure there is some shill bidding as you said but it's still up to you to only bid what you are willing to pay.
Ebay are not crooks, there are good honest sellers and there are some crooks on ebay, it's up to you to use your head and look at the facts and their feedback to find the worthwhile one's.
And by the way I would love to see the "proof" you are talking about.
Everyone who get's took by a bad seller or makes a bad deal try's to tell this same story but it just isn't true.
And like I said before I'm not saying you didn't get ripped off, but you can't buy your way into good feedback on ebay, that's a fact.

the numbers have been manipulated. i have copies of over 35 to 40 negetives and then all of a sudden they have "ZERO" (0). not possible and btw i have law enforcement and mail (postal investigators) watching as well, so you do not know of which you post here. you are wrong and i don't need to argue my point with you. like i said EBAY has had a terrible reputation (scams, shilling, etc.) for several years. they do nothing but have every staff member there e-mail you 20 times for the same issue without doing anything to resolve it. they even refuse to remove stolen goods off the sight when the thief cc copies over his threats and what he's done without any worries. that in and of itself tells me they are doing nothing to curb the illegal activities over @ ebay and it also makes me suspect your kisstory books... why do you defend someone who knowingly signs kisstory books and passes them off as the real thing?
whatever. just stop with your lame replies because you won't be changing anyone's mind but your own.


Posted: 18.07.2006, 16:37 Post subject: don't be fooled, ebay is corrupt.

manipulated numbers and shill bidding...
Kiss777 wrote (View Post):
Well let me say this I don't know what happened in your case (maybe you were ripped off) but you can't be a big crook on ebay and keep your feedback as nice as his, 364 postive 6 negative.
I would feel OK buying from him ON EBAY.
Like I say I'm not saying you didn't but I don't see anyway he could be ripping many off.

Let me guess you set up a deal off ebay?

ebay are the biggest crooks on the internet. those numbers you speak of can and are manipulated, these guys are well advanced in the marketing and they have access and know how on how to trick and cheat the ebay system. i have proof of the numbers 'before' they cleaned up those accounts and am currently waiting for ebay's investigation regarding the bid 'shilling' and the manipulation (there were 30 negetive out of 80 or so) and now it says 6. c'mon there is nothing but 'illegal' stuff going on on the ebay site. that's a fact. ebay claims the same story but the facts are the customers know they are lying about "you can't change the numbers, or you can't 'shill' bid without them knowing"... the facts are there is a lot of 'illegal' activity going on, on the ebay website. period.

they are a rip off!!!
kiss fans beware of barry carr of farmington kentucky... he is being represented by and they are a scam and a rip off using kiss costumes and replica boots as a 'bait and switch' tactic.

do not send money or your valuable kiss items to them. motorcowboy
uses addresses in thailand, oak harbor, wa. and barry carr uses addresses
in mayfield and farmington kentucky.

the boots you see pictures of are the ONLY copies they have and use the photos as 'bait' but they do not and cannot make or send you anything. they also DO NOT HAVE AUTHORIZATION FROM KISS or permission from BILL RANDOLPH who is gene's attorney.

the mannaquins you see barry carr claiming he made by hand are another way of getting kiss fans to believe and trust them. he does not make the 'destroyer' armor (armour) from the original molds as he claims.

write this address for the real information on this story;

DO NOT TRUST BARRY CARR OR MOTORCOWBOY.COM or any ads they place on ebay under these names...


they are a rip off! and barry carr...

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Blogger edward przydzial said...

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Blogger edward przydzial said...

barry carr has sent a complaint to have my frappr account closed. since he's an honest person and his pal gary evans helped out since they are both very honest and have nothing to hide...

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